Our Achievements So Far

University of New South Wales 2019 President’s Award for Creating Collaborations


Wharton School 2016 Reimagine Education Social Sciences Gold Award 


Australian Government 2016 Citation for Outstanding Contributions to Student Learning


University of New South Wales Business School 2016 John Prescott Outstanding Teaching Innovation Award


University of New South Wales Business School 2015 Student Choice Award


University of New South Wales Heinz Harant Award for Teaching Innovation


University of New South Wales Vice-Chancellor Award for Excellence in the Use of Learning & Teaching Technologies 


University of New South Wales Business School 2013 Student Choice Award


University of New South Wales Business School 2013 Outstanding Technology-Enabled Teaching Innovation Award 


University of New South Wales 2013 Innovation Award (top 3 finalist)



“In my 30 years in higher education, Playconomics is the most exciting innovation in pedagogy I have seen.”

Professor Geoffrey Garrett
Dean of Wharton School


“This innovation has huge potential beyond the teaching of first year Economics… In short, this innovation has the capacity to revolutionize higher-education.”

Professor Denise Doiron
Head, School of Economics
University of New South Wales


“Forget small steps, Playconomics is a giant leap for learning economics.  It’s a fresh and engaging digital sandbox in which students develop their understanding of fundamental economic concepts and its integrated e-book makes the circle from demonstrate to apply a seamless process.”

Associate Professor Stephanie McWhinnie
Associate Head – L&T, School of Economics
University of Adelaide


“Playconomics is the boldest teaching project I have come across: the first virtual laboratory to teach, learn and experience economic principles. A very innovative textbook intertwined with first hand, visual, experiential learning. It will change the way we teach.”

Associate Professor Marco Faravelli
University of Queensland

 Student Feedback:


“Thanks so much for the amazing game I’m really enjoying it!”

“Larry – First Year: Part-time Information Systems Student, Full-time Playconomics Addict”

“Learning microeconomics this semester has been the most exciting and interesting experience”

“I actually love the game!! I have spent the last 2 years doing HSC Economics and have found this game a great way to apply theoretical principles in real life and teach a rather boring subject in a visual way!! Curious as to how this program will deal with the more challenging economic principles but I have high expectations from what I have experienced so far!! In particular I love the need to constantly reevaluate your setup when you get new characters as well as the idea of varying efficiencies!! 😀 My only criticism is that is churns through battery life which means I can’t play at uni without a charger :/ But none the less love it!! Awesome work guys :D”

“Playconomics is great fun! :)”

“Hi, I’m Will! First year student that is a Playconomics addict :)”

“Cheers to further developments and integration of the wonders of gaming into education and learning :D!”

“Greatest game I’ve ever played!”

“…love the game!!!”

“I found it both a useful and enjoyable way to learn, whenever I got stuck returning to the textbook and the lecture notes always helped me

“I have finished Playconomics and now I am unsure what to do with my life. What remedies would you recommend to overcome this comedown?”

“…thank you for the wonderful game, it was a good way to verify all we have learned…”

“I’ve really enjoyed the game so far and want to continue progressing. Its been a really nice break off the textbook theory of my other subjects.”

“I have enthusiastically played the playconomics game…. I find that this approach gives me a deeper understanding of the concepts of microeconomics. This has resulted in a very solid Hand-In assignment marks of 4.75/5 for both of my hand in assignments, and i would like to thank you, especially on that.”

“…I’ve spent a few hours on the game so far an think that it’s pretty great at teaching economic concepts”