About LionsHeart

LionsHeart Studios develops educational software that uses the theory of gameplay to boost student engagement and improve academic performance.

Its flagship product, Playconomics, is a uniquely integrated platform (featuring textbooks, educational videos, traditional assessments & videogames) that allows students to rigorously explore the inner workings of the world via genuine experiential learning.

We believe that learning should be as fun as playing and that in order to really learn something, you need to experience it first-hand.

The problem


Any lecturer’s own  experience, as well as extensive cutting edge research on education, will tell you that dry mathematical models are not very helpful in stimulating students’ ability to imagine what lies behind the academic models and the abstract concepts we teach in class. And this is particularly problematic in medium to large classes.

 The solution


We overcame this challenge by creating an educational software that provides students not only traditional teaching materials (textbooks, educational videos, assessments),  but also a videogame representation of our academic models and challenges them to interact and play with it. The result is a technology–enabled learning approach that serves as a stand-alone learning solution, but can also enhance the face–to–face class teaching.