Improve academic performance by engaging students via genuine experiential learning




Improving learning outcomes and reducing drop-out rates is paramount in education.

But engaging students proves increasingly difficult as traditional courseware struggles to compete with the entertainment options that surround them.

Our main goal at LionsHeart Studios is to address this problem head-on by employing gameplay theory to enhance the learning process and accelerate the understanding of abstract concepts.

Our goal is to create online courses that

influence, motivate and inspire learning.

The courses we create

    • Foster development by stimulating curiosity and independence in learning: Our products bring an innovative and engaging approach to teaching, immersing the student in a fun environment, both enticing and academically accurate. Users are invited to make a variety of decisions and observe the resulting economic outcomes in the simulated world. By providing experiential learning and a visual representation of the economy, this approach fosters engagement and triggers deep and lifelong learning in that it offers memorable learning moments.


    • Contribute to the development of critical thinking skills, analytical skills and scholarly values: Our approach is very rigorous, but it also provides gameplay enhancements not available through learning approaches based, for example, on regular textbooks. The ability to make decisions and see their consequences in real time, try different alternative and strive to find the optimal one contribute directly to the development of students’ critical thinking and analytical skills. And engaged, intrinsically motivated students exert more effort, enjoy learning more and ultimately experience deeper learning altogether.


    • Implement research-­led approaches to learning and teaching: The effectiveness of our approach has been carefully assessed using lab experiments, as well as survey and administrative data from nearly 5,000 students (see Research).
    • Integrate assessment strategies with the specific aims and outcomes for student learning & implementing both formative and summative assessment: As educators, we strive to be well-prepared and set clear expectations for students. For this reason, we think that providing detailed feedback is one of the most important parts of the job. Our learning approach reflects this tension. We provide students with an articulate score system that allows them to evaluate their learning outcomes and identify the areas that require improvements.


    • Provide timely, worthwhile feedback to students on their learning: Our products are all designed to provide a constant flow of feedback when needed, as students progress through the course. This “just-­in-­time” type of feedback is invaluable in order to clarify the objectives, engage the students and foster deep learning.


    • Participate in the effective and empathetic guidance and advising of students: Our learning approach presents itself as a playful and joyful activity, effectively reducing the distance between the student and educational content. The feedback is designed to work as a positive reinforcement and negative scores are avoided altogether. All in all, our approach offers empathetic guidance and advising, and the games help immensely by being “hyper-­patient”. That’s the benefit of artificial intelligence: It never loses its cool, and can explain the same concept a million times.