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Principles of Microeconomics


  • First gamified e-book with content equivalent to Microeconomics textbook
  • Plays like a video game but educates like a regular textbook
  • Combines gamification, personalized feedback and experiential learning

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Principles of Macroeconomics


  • Educational videogame designed to teach Principles of Macroeconomics
  • Provides a simulated representation of the macroeconomy
  • Challenges students to evaluate economic and policy scenarios

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Medical School Simulator


  • Simulator tailored to train Phase 3 medical students in Paediatrics
  • Prepares medical students for early work life via case-based scenarios
  • Offers experiential learning while promoting evidence based medicine

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International Taxation


  • Serious game tackling the complex choices of international businesses
  • Details the entire ‘life’ of a company, from setup to capital repatriation
  • Emphasizes the long-term vs. short-term international tax dilemmas

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UNSW Orientation Simulator


  • Uni orientation simulator created to ‘visit’ UNSW Kensington Campus
  • Acts as a Student Information Hub, helping integrate into the campus life
  • Showcases all campus layout: amenities, faculties, lectures halls & interest

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